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​District Facilities Planning Committee

A Standing Committee 


 Committee Function


The purpose of the Facilities Planning Committee is to provide insightful advice to the administration and the Institutional Planning Council for the need, rationale and functions of either new construction, rehabilitation or remodeling of District educational and support facilities, and the protection of our architectural heritage. It serves as a forum for the sharing and exchanging of important information relevant to District-wide facilities planning issues. The Dean for Administrative Services utilizes the advice from the committee for updating the District's five-year capital outlay program, annual deferred maintenance program and other general project plans.


Administration Collage

 Meeting Schedule


3rd Tuesday each month

9:30 - 11:00 a.m.


 Committee Structure

​5 Administrators
3 Faculty
2 Classified
1 Student

May select ex-officio representative from Petaluma and Public Safety

Membership Total: 11

 Committee Chair

​​Elected by Membership

 Committee Roster Legend

Type​ ​Description
A Administration​​
F​ Faculty
C Classified
S Student
P Public

 Committee Roster

​Name ​Type ​Name ​Type
Paul Bielen ​A* Kat Valenzuela ​F
Doug Roberts A* Jill Marie McCormick F
Director Facilities (vacant) A Laura Downing-Lee F

Patie Wegman (Fall 2017)
Robert Ethington (Spring 2018)

A* Mike Garcia C
Gary Watts A* C

Doug Kuula

Ex Joshua Pinaula S
​Victor Tam (non-voting) Saeid Eidgahy (non-voting)

*Permanent Member by Position:

​Senior Director, Facilities Planning and Operations
​Manager, Building and Equipment Maintenance
Senior Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services/ Assistant Superintendent
​Student Services Administrator
​Director, Facilities Operations
​​Manager, Environmental Health & Safety (ex-officio)



 Committee Agendas

DFPC Agenda January 23, 2018.pdfDFPC Agenda January 23, 20181/23/2018
DFPC Agenda December 19, 2017.pdfDFPC Agenda December 19, 201712/19/2017
DFPC Agenda Sept 19, 2017.pdfDFPC Agenda Sept 19, 20179/19/2017
DFPC Agenda May 16, 2017.pdfDFPC Agenda May 16, 20175/16/2017
DFPC Agenda April 18 2017 Rev.pdfDFPC Agenda April 18 2017 Rev4/18/2017
DFPC Agenda March 21, 2017.pdfDFPC Agenda March 21, 20173/21/2017
DFPC Agenda February 21, 2017.pdfDFPC Agenda February 21, 20172/21/2017
DFPC Agenda January 24, 2017.pdfDFPC Agenda January 24, 20171/24/2017
DFPC Agenda Dec 20, 2016.pdfDFPC Agenda Dec 20, 201612/20/2016
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 Committee Minutes

DFPC Minutes December 19 2017.pdfDFPC Minutes December 19 201712/19/2017
DFPC Minutes September 19 2017.pdfDFPC Minutes September 19 20179/19/2017
DFPC Minutes April 18, 2017.pdfDFPC Minutes April 18, 20174/18/2017
SRJC DFPC IF Comm Mtg Notes Mtg 4.pdfSRJC DFPC IF Comm Mtg Notes Mtg 42/21/2017
DFPC Minutes January 24, 2017.pdfDFPC Minutes January 24, 20171/24/2017
DFPC Minutes December 20, 2016.pdfDFPC Minutes December 20, 201612/20/2016
SRJC DFPC Dovetail Mtg Notes Mtg 1.pdfSRJC DFPC Dovetail Mtg Notes Mtg 111/15/2016
DFPC Minutes Oct 18, 2016.pdfDFPC Minutes Oct 18, 201610/18/2016
DFPC Minutes May 17, 2016.pdfDFPC Minutes May 17, 20165/17/2016
DFPC Minutes April 19, 2016.pdfDFPC Minutes April 19, 20164/19/2016
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 Other Committee Documents

February 8 Agenda.docFebruary 8 Agenda
DFPC December 15 Agenda.docDFPC December 15 Agenda
DFPC DRAFT MINUTES 2009 040909.docDFPC DRAFT MINUTES 2009 040909
March 8 AGENDA.docMarch 8 AGENDA
DFPC DRAFT MINUTES 2009 0312 Ver 01.docDFPC DRAFT MINUTES 2009 0312 Ver 01
DFPC Notes 09 09 041.docDFPC Notes 09 09 041
DFPC Minutes March 15, 2011 - Draft.docDFPC Minutes March 15, 2011 - Draft
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