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Educational Planning & Coordinating Council

A Standing Committee

An Academic Senate Consultation Committee 


 Committee Function

  1. To assist the Academic Senate in the development of sound educational policies, procedures, and practices by encouraging thorough discussions of current issues among constituent groups represented by the committee.
  2. To coordinate and review District educational planning activities.
  3. To inform and review the Academic Affairs Program and Resource Planning Process (PRPP) priorities.
  4. To review and recommend to the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs new degrees, certificates and majors and the revitalization or discontinuance of existing degrees, certificates and majors.
  5. To serve as a multi-constituent clearinghouse for educational matters.



 Meeting Schedule

​​2nd and 4th Thursday each month, 3:15-5:00pm

 Committee Structure

​5 Administrators
5 Faculty
2 Students

Membership Total: 12

 Committee Chair

​Co-Chairs: Sr. VPAA and Academic Senate President (or designee)

 Committee Roster Legend

Type​ ​Description
A Administration​​
F​ Faculty
C Classified
S Student
P Public

 Committee Roster

​Name ​Type ​Name ​Type
Mary Kay Rudolph ​A**

Jonathan Marhenke (F' 17)
Joe F​assler (S '18)


Benjamin Goldstein A Andrea Alvarado F
Matt Markovich A Robin Fautley F
​Lisa Beach ​A Galen George ​F
Freyja Pereira A* Justin Cox S
Eric Thompson F** Evelyn Navarro S
Jana Cox (Ex)*    
* Permanent Member by Position:
  • Sr. ​​Vice President, Academic Affairs (Co-Chair)
  • 3 Instructional Administrators
  • Dean, Admissions, Records & Enrollment Development
  • President, Academic Senate (or designee) (Co-Chair)
  • Dean Student Success, Equity & Retention (ex-officio)

** Co-Chairs


 Committee Agendas

EPCC Agenda 10-26-17.pdfEPCC Agenda 10-26-1710/26/2017
EPCC Agenda 9-28-17.pdfEPCC Agenda 9-28-179/28/2017
EPCC Agenda 8-24-17.pdfEPCC Agenda 8-24-178/24/2017
EPCC Agenda 5-11-17.pdfEPCC Agenda 5-11-175/11/2017
EPCC Agenda 4-27-17.pdfEPCC Agenda 4-27-174/27/2017
EPCC Agenda 4-13-17.pdfEPCC Agenda 4-13-174/13/2017
EPCC Agenda 3-9-17.pdfEPCC Agenda 3-9-173/9/2017
EPCC Agenda 2-23-17.pdfEPCC Agenda 2-23-172/23/2017
EPCC Agenda 12-8-16.pdfEPCC Agenda 12-8-1612/8/2016
EPCC Agenda 10-13-16.pdfEPCC Agenda 10-13-1610/13/2016
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 Committee Minutes

EPCC Minutes 9-28-17.pdfEPCC Minutes 9-28-179/28/2017
EPCC Minutes 8-24-17.pdfEPCC Minutes 8-24-178/24/2017
EPCC Minutes 5-11-17.pdfEPCC Minutes 5-11-175/11/2017
EPCC Minutes 4-27-17.pdfEPCC Minutes 4-27-174/27/2017
EPCC Minutes 4-13-17.pdfEPCC Minutes 4-13-174/13/2017
EPCC Minutes 3-9-17.pdfEPCC Minutes 3-9-173/9/2017
EPCC Minutes 2-23-17.pdfEPCC Minutes 2-23-172/23/2017
EPCC Minutes 12-8-16.pdfEPCC Minutes 12-8-1612/8/2016
EPCC Minutes 11-10-16.pdfEPCC Minutes 11-10-1611/10/2016
EPCC Minutes 10-13-16.pdfEPCC Minutes 10-13-1610/13/2016
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 Other Committee Documents

EPCC Agenda 9-28-06.docEPCC Agenda 9-28-069/28/2006
EPCC Agenda 9-14-06.docEPCC Agenda 9-14-069/14/2006
EPCC MINUTES 9-14-06.docEPCC MINUTES 9-14-069/14/2006
EPCC Agenda 9-8-05.docEPCC Agenda 9-8-059/8/2005
EPCC MINUTES 8-25-05.docEPCC MINUTES 8-25-058/25/2005