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Doyle library at Santa Rosa Junior College.

A President's Advisory Committee

​​​Committee Chair

Rotational, any committee member

​​​Meeting Schedule

Meets four times a year and as needed.

​​Committee Function​

The Student Health Services Advisory Committee is established to act as a recommending body to assist Student Health Services in providing high quality, appropriate service to the college community.  This committee will evaluate current services relative to college needs, review income from health fee and other sources, review expenditures, approve student charges within the health centers, and make recommendations to the Vice President, Student Services and ultimately to the Superintendent/President for approval.

​​​Committee Structure

​4 Administrators
4 Faculty
3 Classified
4 Students
3 Public
Membership Total: 18
1 Ex-Officio

​​​Committee Roster

​Name ​Type ​Name ​Type
Rebecca Norwick ​A* C*
Hector Delgado A* Ann Mansfield C
Matt Markovich A Jeane Erleborn C
Bert Epstein A Moses Legesse S*

Rima DasGupta

Quinn Han S
Jesekah Loggins F S
Mackenzie Galindo F (Vacant) S
Nancy Chinn F
Robert Ethington (Ex-officio) P

​(Vacant) ​P
* Permanent Member by Position **Committee Chair
  • ​​Director, Student Health Services
  • Student Support Coordinator
  • Academic Counselor
  • College Nurse Practitioner
  • Student Senate Member
  • Student Health Outreach Worker
  • Vice President of Student Services (ex-officio)

Appointments for Classified, Faculty and Administrators are for 2 years, with rotations.

​​​​Committee Roster Legend

Type​ ​Description
A Administration
F​ Faculty
C Classified
S Student
P Public​

​​Committee Agendas​

Agenda and Minutes  2.6.24.pptx
Agenda feb 25th 2021.doc
Agenda Nov 18 2020.doc
Agenda Sept 3rd 2020.doc
Student Health Services Advisory  Committee April 2020.pptx
Student Health Services Advisory  Committee February 2020.pptx
Student Health Advisory Meeting November 2019.docx
Student Health Service Advisory Committee September meeting.pptx
SHSAC Agenda September 6 2018.pdf
April 4, 2019 Agenda.docx
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​​​​Committee Minutes

SHSAC meeting 11.2.23.pptx
SHSAC Minutes.pptx
HSAC september 2021 minutes.docx
Health Services Advisory Committee slides November 2020.pptx
Student Health Services Advisory  Committee September 2020.pptx
Student Health Advisory Committee minutes February 2020.docx
Minutes - Student Health Advisory Meeting November 2019.docx
Student Health Advisory Meeting September 2019.docx
Student Health Advisory Meeting.docx442019.docx
Meeting Notes February 7, 2019.pdf
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​​​Other Committee Documents

Budget Summary.pdfBudget Summary
Budget Update October 2015.pdfBudget Update October 2015
Clinical Services Report Feb 2, 2017.pdfClinical Services Report Feb 2, 2017
February 4, 2016 HSAC PowerPoint.pdfFebruary 4, 2016 HSAC PowerPoint
Health Services Advisory Committee PP 12.7.21.pptxHealth Services Advisory Committee PP 12.7.21
HSAC March 13 2013 Health Promotion Presentation.pptxHSAC March 13 2013 Health Promotion Presentation
HSAC May 8, 2013 Student Psychological Services Presentation.pptxHSAC May 8, 2013 Student Psychological Services Presentation
HSAC Meeting Documents December 2013.pdfHSAC Meeting Documents December 2013
HSAC Meeting Documents December 2014.pdfHSAC Meeting Documents December 2014
HSAC Meeting Documents March 2014.pdfHSAC Meeting Documents March 2014
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