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​Institutional Planning Council

A Standing Committee

An Academic Senate Consultation Committee


 Committee Function


The Institutional Planning Council (IPC) is the Sonoma County Junior College District (SCJCD) central coordinating body responsible for the integration of planning activities and pursuit of institutional effectiveness. In collaboration with Academic Senate and other shared governance bodies, IPC:

  • Initiates and leads the collaborative process of creating, modifying, and reviewing the SCJCD vision, mission, and values, strategic planning process, and establishment of student success and achievement benchmarks
  • Annually reviews, affirms, and monitors progress toward achieving the SCJCD Strategic Plan goals and objectives and pursuit of institutional excellence
  • Leads a college-wide annual review of institutional and student outcomes data, and prioritization of action goals for the upcoming year
  • Oversees the evaluation, continuous quality improvement and outcomes of the Santa Rosa Junior College annual Program and Resource Planning Process (PRPP), to include affirming alignment of the following with the SCJCD vision, mission and Strategic Plan goals and objectives:
    • Budget priorities
    • Staffing priorities
    • Annual component goals
    • Accomplishment of annual component goals​​

 Meeting Schedule

​​2nd and 4th Monday each month

 Committee Structure

​5 Administrators
6 Faculty (1 Co-Chair of the Budget Advisory Committee; 1-President, Academic Senate)
4 Classified (1-Pres., Classified Senate)
2 Students

6 Ex-Officio - By Position (Board, AFA, AFT, SEIU, College President, Institutional Research)

Membership Total: 17

 Committee Chair


Co-Chairs: Superintendent/President or designee and President, Academic Senate or designee


 Committee Roster Legend

Type​ ​Description
A Administration​​
F​ Faculty
C Classified
S Student
P Public

 Committee Roster

​Name ​Type ​Name ​Type
Jane Saldaña-Talley (Co-Chair) ​A* Kathy Matthies                   C*
Mary Kay Rudolph A* Marianne Schwarz-Kesling        C
Ricardo Navarrette A*  Elijah Egger                             S
​Doug Roberts    ​A* Omar Paz                                 S​
​Karen Furukawa ​A* ​Frank Chong                      (Ex-Pres)
Robin Fautley (Co-Chair) F*
Phyllis Usina (S '15)  Alicia Virtue (F '14) F Julie Thompson  (Ex-AFA)
Michael Salinger F Hilleary Izard (Ex-SEIU)*
Anthony Vasquez F       KC Greaney                   (Ex-Inst Res)*
Eric Thompson F Dorothy Battenfeld (Ex-Board)
Alicia Artz C Nancy Chinn       F
Greg Drukala C    
* Permanent Member by Position:
  • President, Academic Senate (Co-Chair)
  • Vice President, Petaluma Campus (Co-Chair)
  • Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Vice President, Business Services
  • Vice President, Student Services
  • Vice President, Human Resources
  • President, Classified Senate

 Committee Agendas

IPC Agenda 150323.pdfIPC Agenda 1503233/23/2015
IPC Agenda 150223.pdfIPC Agenda 1502232/23/2015
IPC Agenda 150209.pdfIPC Agenda 1502092/9/2015
IPC Agenda 150126.pdfIPC Agenda 1501261/26/2015
IPC Agenda 141208.pdfIPC Agenda 14120812/8/2014
IPC Agenda 141124.pdfIPC Agenda 14112411/24/2014
IPC Agenda 141117.pdfIPC Agenda 14111711/17/2014
IPC Agenda 141027.pdfIPC Agenda 14102710/27/2014
IPC Agenda 141013.pdfIPC Agenda 14101310/13/2014
IPC Agenda 140922.pdfIPC Agenda 1409229/22/2014
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 Committee Minutes

IPC Minutes 150223.pdfIPC Minutes 1502232/23/2015
IPC Minutes 150209.pdfIPC Minutes 1502092/9/2015
IPC Minutes 150126.pdfIPC Minutes 1501261/26/2015
IPC Minutes 141208.pdfIPC Minutes 14120812/8/2014
IPC Minutes 141124.pdfIPC Minutes 14112411/24/2014
IPC Minutes 141117.pdfIPC Minutes 14111711/17/2014
IPC Minutes 141027.pdfIPC Minutes 14102710/27/2014
IPC Minutes 141013.pdfIPC Minutes 14101310/13/2014
IPC Minutes 140922.pdfIPC Minutes 1409229/22/2014
IPC Minutes 140908.pdfIPC Minutes 1409089/8/2014
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 Other Committee Documents

PRPP IPC Calendar 2014-15.pdfPRPP IPC Calendar 2014-151/26/2015
PRPP IPC Calendar 2013-14.pdfPRPP IPC Calendar 2013-142/4/2014
PRPP IPC Calendar 2011-12.pdfPRPP IPC Calendar 2011-1210/10/2011
Technology Master Plan 2009.pdfTechnology Master Plan 200912/31/2009
2007-08 StEP Goals Final Report.pdf2007-08 StEP Goals Final Report12/31/2009
StEP Year End Report 08 09.pdfStEP Year End Report 08 0912/31/2009
Multi-Site Task Force Report 091110.pdfMulti-Site Task Force Report 09111011/10/2009
MSTF REPORT - August 2009 - FINAL.pdfMSTF REPORT - August 2009 - FINAL8/1/2009
PRPP Annual Timeline Flow Chart 2008-2009 final (2).pdfPRPP Annual Timeline Flow Chart 2008-2009 final (2)1/29/2009
SLO rubric - final (2) KC 1-12-09.pdfSLO rubric - final (2) KC 1-12-091/12/2009
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