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Institutional Technology Group

A President's Advisory Committee 


 Committee Function


​This group will be advisory to the Superintendent/President and provide recommendations and input regarding Districtwide needs as they relate to the integration of technology. The group will be responsible for making recommendations in the following areas: 

  • Planning and coordination
  • Policy development
  • Acquisitions
  • Implementation

Within these four broad areas it envisions that this group will provide overall leadership and direction to our efforts throughout the District. Specific duties include: 

  • Serve as a representative body of primary technology stakeholders
  • Develop a strategic planning model that identifies and ranks District technology needs
  • Establish specific goals and implementation guidelines
  • Create and publish district standards for technology purchase and support
  • Approve purchases of equipment to ensure compliance with standards
  • Evaluate the impact of technology on instruction and the provisions of support services
  • Update and review technology related planning documents as appropriate 
Administration Collage

 Meeting Schedule

2nd and 4th Thursday each month, 9:30-10:30am​

 Committee Structure

​5 Administrators
4 Faculty
1 Classified
1 Student
Membership Total: 10
6 Ex-Officio
  • Manager, Instructional Computing
  • Manager, Media Services
  • Manager, Data/Telecom
  • Manager, Media Services/Petaluma
  • Dean, Student Affairs & Engagement Programs
  • Supervisor, Technical Services, Media Services

 Committee Chair

​​Co-Chairs: Director, Information Technology and Dean, Learning Resources and Educational Technology​

 Committee Roster Legend

Type​ ​Description
A Administration​
F​ Faculty
C Classified
Ex Ex-Officio
S Student
P Public

 Committee Roster

​Name Type ​Name ​Type
Scott Conrad (Co-Chair) ​A* Alicia Virtue (Co-Chair) A*
Catherine Williams ​A* Li Collier A*
Laura Rivera​ ​​A* Heather Adams ​C
Tara Johnson F Jeff Diamond ​F
George Sturr F Canon Crawford F
Matthew McQuaig  Ex
​Robert Ethington
Matt Pearson ​Ex

 Mike Roth

​Greg Wycoff ​Ex Matthew Kinkele S
​Dan Exelby ​Ex
* Permanent Member by Position:
  • Dean, Learning Resources and Educational Technology (Co-chair)
  • Director, Information Technology (Co-chair)
  • Dean, Student Success & Retention
  • Dean, Instructional & Tech Services, Petaluma Campus
  • Director, Purchasing and Graphics Services
  • Manager, Instructional Computing (Ex-officio)
  • Manager, Media Services (Ex-officio)
  • Manager, Campus Data/Telecommunications (Ex-officio)
  • Manager, Media Services/Petaluma (Ex-officio)
  • Dean, Student Affairs & Engagement Programs (Ex-officio)
  • Supervisor, Technical Services, Media Services (Ex-officio)​

 Committee Agendas

ITG AGENDA 5-12-16.pdf
ITG AGENDA 4-28-16.pdf
ITG AGENDA 4-14-16.pdf
ITG AGENDA 3-10-16.pdf
ITG AGENDA 2-25-16.pdf
ITG AGENDA 1-28-16.pdf
ITG AGENDA 12-10-15.pdf
ITG AGENDA 11-12-15.pdf
ITG AGENDA 10-8-15.pdf
ITG AGENDA 9-24-15.pdf
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 Committee Minutes

ITG Minutes 4-28-16.pdf
ITG Minutes 4-14-16.pdf
ITG Minutes 3-10-16.pdf
ITG Minutes 2-25-16.pdf
ITG Minutes 1-28-16.pdf
ITG Minutes 12-10-15.pdf
ITG Minutes 10-8-15.pdf
ITG Minutes 9-24-15.pdf
ITG Minutes 9-10-15.pdf
ITG Minutes 8-27-15.pdf
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 Other Committee Documents

____5-12-16Resolution - Measure H Information Technology Spending.pdf
__FY 16-17 ITG Budget Recommended Spending Plan-12May2016.xlsx
__One year Technology Master Plan 10-23-15.xlsx
_FY 16-17 ITG Budget Recommended Spending Plan.xlsx
_IC Balance.xlsx
_Media Services Balance.pdf
4-28-16 SRJC-Bond-Fact-Sheet.pdf
Approved Allocations.pdf
Computer Network Policy - Revisions 1-29-16.docx
Educause Top 10 IT Issues for 2015 Survey and Recommendations.pdf
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