Institutional Technology Group

A Standing Committee 

 Committee Function

The purpose of this committee is to provide recommendations and direction on the integration of technology Districtwide. In this capacity, the Institutional Technology Group will: 

·       Serve as a representative body of primary technology stakeholders;

·       Develop a strategic technology plan;

    • Establish specific goals and implementation guidelines
    • Create and publish district standards for technology purchase and support
    • Update and review technology related planning documents as appropriate 

·       Review District technology needs as identified in the Program Review and Planning Process (PRPP) and recommend purchases of equipment to ensure compliance with standards, the strategic technology plan, and available funding

·       Evaluate the implementation and efficacy of adopted technology.

​​​​​Present annual findings and recommendations to President’s Cabinet for approval.

Administration Collage

 Meeting Schedule

2nd and 4th Thursday each month, 9:00-10:30am​

 Committee Structure

​5 Administrators
4 Faculty (3 Academic Senate, 1 AFA) 
2 Classified (1 Classified Senate, 1 SEIU)
1 Student
Membership Total: 10
6 Ex-Officio
  • Director, IT Support Services
  • Director, Media Services
  • Manager, Data/Telecom
  • Manager, Media Services/Petaluma
  • Dean, Student Affairs & Engagement Programs
  • Supervisor, Technical Services, Media Services

 Committee Chair

​​Co-Chairs: Senior Director, Information Technology and Senior Dean, Learning Resources and Educational Technology​

 Committee Roster Legend

Type​ ​Description
A Administration​
F​ Faculty
C Classified
Ex Ex-Officio
S Student
P Public

 Committee Roster

​Name Type ​Name ​Type
Kevin Snyder (Co-Chair) ​A* Mary-Catherine Oxford (Co-Chair) A*
Regina Guerra ​A*       Denise Cooper A*
Stephanie Jarrett ​​A* Heather Adams ​C
Eve-Marie Miller F ​C
Amy Flores F Alexis Pulos
Matthew McQuaig "Q" Ex*
Vayta Smith


 Mike Roth

​Greg Wycoff ​Ex* Orlando Raola F
​Dan Exelby ​Ex* Leticia Camarena ​                                     S
* Permanent Member by Position:
  • Dean, Learning Resources and Educational Technology (Co-chair)
  • Senior Director, Information Technology (Co-chair)
  • Senior Dean, Counseling & Student Success
  • Dean, Instructional & Enrollment, Petaluma Campus
  • Director, Purchasing and Graphics
  • Director, IT Support Services (Ex-officio)
  • Director, Media Services (Ex-officio)
  • Manager, Campus Data/Telecommunications (Ex-officio)
  • Manager, Media Services/Petaluma (Ex-officio)
  • Dean, Student Affairs & Engagement Programs (Ex-officio)
  • Supervisor, Technical Services, Media Services (Ex-officio)​
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1.27.22 Instructions for Department Chairs and Deans for ITG PRPP reports.pdf
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8-25-22 ITG Meeting Schedule 2022-23.pdf
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Approved Final Proposed FY 17-18 ITG Budget Recommended Spending Plan May 25 2017.pdf
Approved ITG Tech Plan 2017.Final Master.Aug14.2017.pdf
Computer Network Policy - Revisions 1-29-16.docx
Educause Top 10 IT Issues for 2015 Survey and Recommendations.pdf
Final FY 15-16 ITG Budget Recommended Spending Plan-budget codes.xlsx
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