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Majors and Certificates Review

Advisory to the Educational Planning and Coordinating Council


 Committee Function


The Majors and Certificates Review Committee fulfills the following functions:

  1. Reviews all major and certificate applications of 12 units or more that will be submitted to the Chancellor’s Office for approval.
  2. Work with the department and the faculty submitter(s) to assure that all applications meet Chancellor’s Office guidelines and any additional guidelines established by Santa Rosa Junior College.
  3. Recommends that the Education Planning and Coordinating Committee forward to the Curriculum Review Committee those majors that are ready to be submitted for Chancellor's approval.
  4. Makes recommendations regarding policies or procedures to improve the major or certificate development or review processes.

Important note:  Per Board Policy 3.2.2 and Procedure 3.2.2P, the Academic Affairs Council and the Education Planning and Coordinating Committee recommend to the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs whether or not a major aligns with District mission, responds to community needs, shows evidence of financial feasibility, avoids negative competition with other certificates and majors, and reflects appropriate business and industry partnerships. The decision to move ahead to develop a major is made by the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, not the Majors and Certificate Review Committee.



Administration Collage

 Meeting Schedule

​​2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month, 3:15 to 4:45 p.m.

 Committee Structure

2 Administrators by position: Senior Dean, Curriculum and Educational Support Services and Senior Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences
4 Faculty appointed by the Academic Senate, at least one from a Career/Technical field and at least two counselors whenever possible
2 Classified by position: Curriculum Technician; Articulation Officer

Membership Total: 8

 Committee Chair


Administrative Chair appointed by the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs
Faculty Co-Chair appointed by the President of the Academic Senate


 Committee Roster Legend

Type​ ​Description
A ​Administration​
F​ Faculty
C Classified
S Student
P Public

 Committee Roster

Name Type Name Type

Abe Farkas (Co-Chair) (until Nov 3)

Jerry Miller (after Nov 3)

A* Rhonda Findling F
Saeid Eidgahy A* Kate Hickman  C*
Amy Merkel F Jessica Longoria F
Amanda Mansfield F Adrienne Leihy C*
Donald Laird F
* Permanent Member by Position:
  • Senior Dean, Curriculum and Educational Support Services
  • Senior Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Curriculum Technician
  • Articulation Officer

 Committee Agendas

20181212 Majors Certificate Review Agenda.pdf
20181010 Majors Certificate Review Agenda.pdf
20180926 Majors Certificate Review Agenda.pdf
20180912 Majors Certificate Review Agenda.pdf

 Committee Minutes

There are no items to show in this view of the "Committee Documents" document library.

 Other Committee Documents

Folder: 2017-18
20180926 IGETC CSU Full Application.pdf
20181010 Game Development Application.pdf
20181212 Computer Studies Network and Systems Security Administration.pdf
Majors and Certificates Review Committee Function - Proposed.docx
Majors Certificate Review Committee 18-19 Dates.ics
Skills Certificate to Certificate of Achievement Conversion.xlsx
Theatre Arts Repertory Theatre Full Application.pdf