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Multicultural Events

A Standing Committee 


 Committee Function


The purpose of the Multicultural Events Committee is to sponsor cultural events that promote an awareness of a particular ethnic group or an event significant to an ethnic group. The goal is to enrich the educational experience for the campus and the community at large by providing activities that recognize the cultural contributions of the various ethnic groups reflected in the ethnic diversity of the campus community. Activities and events will be coordinated with the Arts and Lectures Committee.


Administration Collage

 Meeting Schedule

​Meets as needed

 Committee Structure

​2 Administrators
2 Faculty
2 Classified
4 Students
Membership Total: 10
1 Public (ex-officio)

 Committee Chair

​​Elected by Membership

 Committee Roster Legend

Type​ ​Description
A ​Administration​
F​ Faculty
C Classified
S Student
P Public

 Committee Roster

​Name ​Type ​Name ​Type
Robert Ethington ​A* Hector Jimenez Carreno S
​Deborah Ziccone ​A ​Iridian Onofre ​S
Guillermo Garcia
F Jennifer Cabrera S​
Masanori Iimura
F   S
Mike Garcia C   P (Ex)*

Amanda Morrison

* Permanent Member by Position:
  • ​​Assistant Director of Student Affairs
  • Member of the public (ex-officio)

 Committee Agendas

Multicultural Events Committee 20130924 Agenda.pdf
Multicultural Events Committee 20090330 Agenda.doc
Multicultural Events Committee 20090203 Agenda.doc
Multicultural Events Committee 20090106 Agenda.doc
Multicultural Events Committee 20080131 Agenda.doc
Multicultural Events Committee 20071126 Agenda.doc

 Committee Minutes

Multicultural Events Committee20080131 Minutes.pdf

 Other Committee Documents

Multiculttural Events Calendar (Fall 2014, Spring 2015).docxMulticulttural Events Calendar (Fall 2014, Spring 2015)