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Project Learn Steering

A Standing Committee

An Academic Senate Consultation Committee


 Committee Function:

  1. Provide a guiding vision and direction for institutionalizing student learning outcomes identification and assessment in the District at the course, program (certificate/major), student services and institutional levels.
  2. Develop and recommend an annual strategic plan for the  student le​arning outcomes initiative to assure compliance with ACCJC accreditation standards.
  3. Develop and coordinate a communication strategy for Project LEARN.
  4. In consultation with Staff Development, propose and coordinate an annual schedule of training activities, including chair trainings, PDA presentations, and flex activities.
  5. Propose an annual resource request to support student learning outcomes activities.
  6. Promote cross-component dialogue between Academic Affairs and Student Services about student learning outcomes identification and assessment.
  7. Coordinate District-level assessment of institutional outcomes, forming task groups as needed.​​​​​
Administration Collage

 Meeting Schedule

3rd Thursday each month, 1:00-3:00pm

 Committee Structure

6 Administrators
6 Faculty*
1 Student

*Appointed or confirmed by the Academic Senate

Membership Total: 13

 Committee Chair

Faculty member, elected by membership (also serves as Academic Senate liaison)
Administrator, appointed by Superintendent/President

 Committee Roster Legend

Type​ ​Description
A Administration
F​ Faculty
C Classified
S Student
P ​Public

 Committee Roster

​Name ​Type ​Name ​Type
Kerry Loewen (SVPAA Designee) ​A*

Anne Donegan (fall only)

Rebecca Perlroth (spring only)

​​Susan Quinn (VPSS Designee) A*​ John Weser (fall only) F​
Saeid Eidgahy ​A* Chris Grant ​F
​KC Greaney A*​ ​Smita Avasthi F​
​Juan Arias ​A S​
Kim Starke ​A
​George Sellu ​F*
Andrea Alexander ​F*
* Permanent Member by Position:
  • ​​Academic Senate President or Designee
  • SLO Coordinator(s)
  • Faculty Co-Chair of Curriculum Review Committee
  • Sr. Vice President, Academic Affairs or designee
  • Vice President, Student Services/ Assistant Superintendent or designee
  • Senior Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Director, Institutional Research

 Committee Agendas

2017 September 21.doc
2017 May 18.docx
2017 March 16.doc
2017 January 19.doc
2016 December 14.doc
2016 November 17.doc
2016 April 21.doc
2016 March 17.docx
2016 February 18.doc
2016 January 21.doc
2015 November 19.doc
2015 October 15.doc
2015 September 17.doc
2015 August 20.doc

 Committee Minutes

2017 September 21.docx
2016 May 19.docx

 Other Committee Documents

There are no items to show in this view of the "Committee Documents" document library.