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Doyle library at Santa Rosa Junior College.

A Standing Committee
An Academic Senate Consultation Committee

​​​Committee Chair​

A faculty member elected by committee and the Senior Director of Facilities Planning and Operations​

​​​Meeting Schedule

General Membership Meeting: 4th Thursday each month  3:00 - 4:30pm
Subcommittee Work Team Sphere Meeting: 2nd Thursday 3:00 - 4:30pm

​​​Committee Function​

To facilitate the development, implementation, and management of Santa Rosa Junior College’s Strategic Plan Goal E and establish a culture of sustainability that promotes environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social equity throughout all district sites.

  • Promote sustainability across the five spheres of sustainability: Economics and Social Equity; Education and Culture; Facilities and Grounds; Energy, Waste and Water; and Transportation and Access
  • Monitor and provide input to district-wide policies and projects, especially construction, renovation, and purchasing, to assure implementation of green practices and principles, in coordination with the District Facilities Planning Committee (DFPC)
  • Network with campus and community sustainability organizations and develop student trainings, events, and internships; coordinate with Student Sustainability Committee
  • Create professional development opportunities related to sustainability for faculty and staff
  • Oversee and promote environmental education at SRJC, including supporting the development of environmental courses and majors, administering the Global/Environment AS requirement, facilitating the Environmental Forum course, awarding Foundation scholarships, and assisting faculty across all disciplines to incorporate sustainability issues into their curricula

​​Committee Structure​

​4 Administrators (3 by position)
5 Faculty (1 AFA appointed, 4 Academic Senate appointed)
3 Classified (1 by position)
2 Students (1 by position)
Preferred Membership: Representatives from all 5 sites, representatives from Transportation Committee, Student Sustainability Committee, STEM, CTE, Environmental Studies, Grounds, Facilities, Purchasing​

Membership Total: 14+

​​Committee Roster​

​Name ​Type ​Name ​Type
David Liebman (designee) ​A* Jorge DaCosta
Hank Lankford A* Teresa Tope C
Javier Rodriguez Aguilera (designee) A* Guy Tillotson C
Rachel Minor A Andres Jojoa S

F Will McBeardsley S
Katie Gerber  F Victor Tam Ex*
Abigail Zoger F          Benjamin Goldstein (Dean CTE Designee) Ex*
​Jennifer Palladini F ​Stephanie Jarrett ​Ex*
Regina Guerra
​FZack Miranda
​F ​F
  *Permanent Member by Position: 

  • Director, Facilities Planning & Operations
  • Vice President of Student Government Sustainability Committee
  • Manager, Grounds & Recycling
  • Chair Petaluma Green Collaborative (Classified Administrator or Faculty)
  • Senior Dean of Students
  • Waste Diversion & Recycling Technician
  • Dean of STEM (Ex-Officio)
  • Dean of CTE (Ex-Officio)
  • Director of Student Equity (Ex-Officio)
  • Director of Purchasing (Ex-Officio)
  • Coordinator of Energy & Sustainability (Ex-Officio)

Work Teams (Based on 5 Spheres of Sustainability)

  • Economics and Social Equity
  • Education and Culture
  • Facilities and Grounds
  • Energy, Waste and Water
  • Transportation and Access​

​​​Committee Roster Legend​

Type​ ​Description​
A​ Administration​
F​ Faculty​​
C Classified
S Student
P​ Public​

​​​Committee Agendas​

SRJC Sustainability Committee Agenda 3.28.24.pdfSRJC Sustainability Committee Agenda 3.28.243/28/2024
SRJC Sustainability Committee Agenda 2.22.24.pdfSRJC Sustainability Committee Agenda 2.22.242/22/2024
SRJC Sustainability Committee Agenda 1.25.24.pdfSRJC Sustainability Committee Agenda 1.25.241/25/2024
SC Agenda 190523.pdfSC Agenda 1905235/23/2019
SC Agenda 190425.pdfSC Agenda 1904254/25/2019
SC Agenda 190328.pdfSC Agenda 1903283/28/2019
SC Agenda 190228.pdfSC Agenda 1902282/28/2019
SC Agenda 190124.pdfSC Agenda 1901241/24/2019
SC Agenda 181220.pdfSC Agenda 18122012/20/2018
SC Agenda Nov 29 2018.pdfSC Agenda Nov 29 201811/29/2018
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​​Committee Minutes​

SRJC Sustainability Committee Minutes 2.22.24.pdfSRJC Sustainability Committee Minutes 2.22.242/22/2024
SRJC Sustainability Committee Minutes 1.25.24.pdfSRJC Sustainability Committee Minutes 1.25.241/25/2024
SC Meeting Notes April 25 2019.pdfSC Meeting Notes April 25 20194/25/2019
SC Meeting Notes March 28 2019.pdfSC Meeting Notes March 28 20193/28/2019
SC Meeting Notes Feb 28 2019.pdfSC Meeting Notes Feb 28 20192/28/2019
SC Meeting Notes January 24, 2019.pdfSC Meeting Notes January 24, 20191/24/2019
SC Meeting Notes Dec 20 2018.pdfSC Meeting Notes Dec 20 201812/20/2018
SC Meeting Notes October 25, 2018.pdfSC Meeting Notes October 25, 201810/25/2018
SC Meeting Notes September 13, 2018.pdfSC Meeting Notes September 13, 20189/13/2018
SC Minutes May 24, 2018.pdfSC Minutes May 24, 20185/24/2018
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​​Other Committee Documents​

Sustainability Committee Calendar 2024.pdfSustainability Committee Calendar 2024