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Sustainability Committee
A Standing Committee
An Academic Senate Consultation Committee


 Committee Function


To facilitate the development, implementation, and management of Santa Rosa Junior College’s Strategic Plan Goal E and establish a culture of sustainability that promotes environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social equity throughout all district sites.
• Promote sustainability across the five spheres of sustainability: Economics and Social Equity;
Education and Culture; Facilities and Grounds; Energy, Waste and Water; and Transportation and Access
• Monitor and provide input to district-wide policies and projects, especially construction,
renovation, and purchasing, to assure implementation of green practices and principles, in
coordination with the District Facilities Planning Committee (DFPC)
• Network with campus and community sustainability organizations and develop student trainings, events, and internships; coordinate with Student Sustainability Committee
• Create professional development opportunities related to sustainability for faculty and staff
• Oversee and promote environmental education at SRJC, including supporting the development of environmental courses and majors, administering the Global/Environment AS requirement, facilitating the Environmental Forum course, awarding Foundation scholarships, and assisting faculty across all disciplines to incorporate sustainability issues into their curricula


Administration Collage

 Meeting Schedule

General Membership Meeting: 4th Thursday   each month  3:00 - 4:30pm

Subcommittee Work Team Sphere Meeting: 2nd Thursday 3:00 - 4:30pm

 Committee Structure

​4 Administrators (3 by position)
5 Faculty (1 AFA appointed, 4 Academic Senate appointed)
3 Classified (1 by position)
2 Students (1 by position)
Preferred Membership: Representatives from all 5 sites, representatives from Transportation Committee, Student Sustainability Committee, STEM, CTE, Environmental Studies, Grounds, Facilities, Purchasing​

Membership Total: 14+

 Committee Chair

A faculty member elected by committee and the Senior Director of Facilities Planning and Operations​

 Committee Roster Legend

Type​ ​Description​
General Membership

 Committee Roster

​Name ​Type ​Name ​Type
Paul Bielen ​A* ​C
Carl Dobson A C
Robert Ethington A* C
Albert Yu F-AFA Shaelin Koberle-Satt S
Katie Gerber (fall only)
Alexa Forrester (spring only)
F Brad Davis Ex*
Jill Harrison F          Genevieve Berton Ex*
​Carla Grady F ​Laura Rivera ​Ex*
​Sarah Jones ​F ​Victor Tam ​Ex*
  *Permanent Member by Position: 

        •Senior Director, Facilities Planning & Operations
        •Vice President of Student Government Sustainability Committee
        •Manager, Grounds & Recycling
        •Chair Petaluma Green Collaborative (Classified Administrator or Faculty)
        •Senior Dean of Students
        •Waste Diversion & Recycling Technician
        •Dean of STEM (Ex-Officio)
        •Dean of CTE (Ex-Officio)
        •Director of Student Equity (Ex-Officio)
        •Director of Purchasing (Ex-Officio)
        •Coordinator of Energy & Sustainability (Ex-Officio)

Work Teams (Based on 5 Spheres of Sustainability)

       •Economics and Social Equity
       •Education and Culture
       •Facilities and Grounds
       •Energy, Waste and Water
       •Transportation and Access​

 Committee Agendas

Sust Cmte Agenda Jan 25, 2018.pdfSust Cmte Agenda Jan 25, 20181/25/2018
Sust Cmte Agenda Dec 14, 2017.pdfSust Cmte Agenda Dec 14, 201712/14/2017
Sust Cmte Agenda Nov 16, 2017.pdfSust Cmte Agenda Nov 16, 201711/16/2017
Sust Cmte Agenda Oct 26, 2017.pdfSust Cmte Agenda Oct 26, 201710/26/2017
Sust Cmte Agenda Sept 28, 2017.pdfSust Cmte Agenda Sept 28, 20179/28/2017
Sust Cmte Agenda August 24, 2017.pdfSust Cmte Agenda August 24, 20178/24/2017
Sust Cmte Agenda May 25, 2017.pdfSust Cmte Agenda May 25, 20175/25/2017
Sust Cmte Agenda April 27, 2017.pdfSust Cmte Agenda April 27, 20174/27/2017
IEPC Agenda March 16, 2017.pdfIEPC Agenda March 16, 20173/16/2017
IEPC Agenda February 23, 2017.pdfIEPC Agenda February 23, 20172/23/2017
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 Committee Minutes

SC Minutes Dec 14, 2017.pdfSC Minutes Dec 14, 201712/14/2017
SC Minutes Nov 16, 2017.pdfSC Minutes Nov 16, 201711/16/2017
SC Minutes Oct 26, 2017.pdfSC Minutes Oct 26, 201710/26/2017
SC Minutes Sept 28, 2017.pdfSC Minutes Sept 28, 20179/28/2017
SC Minutes August 24, 2017.pdfSC Minutes August 24, 20178/24/2017
SC Minutes May 25, 2017.pdfSC Minutes May 25, 20175/25/2017
SC Minutes April 27, 2017.pdfSC Minutes April 27, 20174/27/2017
IEPC Minutes March 16, 2017.pdfIEPC Minutes March 16, 20173/16/2017
IEPC Minutes February 23, 2017.pdfIEPC Minutes February 23, 20172/23/2017
IEPC Minutes January 26, 2017.pdfIEPC Minutes January 26, 20171/26/2017
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 Other Committee Documents

Agenda  11-10-11.pdfAgenda 11-10-11
Agenda 10-13-11.pdfAgenda 10-13-11
Agenda 3-10-11.pdfAgenda 3-10-11
Agenda 4-14-11.pdfAgenda 4-14-11
Agenda 5-11-09.pdfAgenda 5-11-09
Agenda 5-12-11.pdfAgenda 5-12-11
Agenda 9-02-09.pdfAgenda 9-02-09
Agenda 9-09-09.pdfAgenda 9-09-09
IEPC  Minutes 02-25-10.pdfIEPC Minutes 02-25-10
IEPC  Minutes 03-25-10.pdfIEPC Minutes 03-25-10
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