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Student Success and Equity

A President's Advisory Committee

An Academic Senate Consultation Committee


 Committee Function


​The Student Success and Equity Committee serves as a President's Advisory Committee and as a Senate Consultation Committee. It is established to provide recommendations to the Superintendent/President regarding the implementation of the Student Success Act of 2012, including the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP). The Committee’s mission is to promote student development, equity, retention, success and completion.

The Committee will provide a platform for collaboration and communication across the District that results in the integration of student success efforts, including effective academic and student services programs delivery and continuous improvement. It will ensure accurate data collection, reporting and evaluation related to student success.

​​The Committee’s responsibilities are to:

  1. Advise the development and implementation of a Student Success and Support Program Plan, and the review and update of the plan according to State guidelines.
  2. Advise the development and implementation of a Student Equity Plan in conjunction with SSSP, and the review and update of the Plan according to State guidelines.
  3.  Review and provide recommendations to update policies and procedures related to student success and equity, particularly the core student success and support services of assessment, orientation, counseling/advising for education planning, and follow-up services.
  4. Advise the District’s strategies in identifying at-risk students (Basic Skills, students without educational goal or course of study, in academic probation or dismissal) and the establishment of an effective early-intervention system to provide necessary support to improve student success and retention.
  5. Collaborate and coordinate closely with the Basic Skills Initiative (BSI) Committee through liaisons on both committees and through regular joint meetings, at least once per semester.
  6. Use best practices models in prioritizing recommended strategies and initiatives for implementation across the District and to ensure their alignment with the District’s Strategic Plan.
  7. Provide input in the revision of data collection and reporting processes to accurately reflect services provided at SRJC and to conform to MIS and CCC Student Success Score Card reporting guidelines.
  8. Review research related to SSSP and student equity and make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of SSSP and to address equity matters.
  9. Assist in District professional development related to student success and retention.
Administration Collage

 Meeting Schedule

​​1st Wednesday each month; 3rd Wednesday each month (if needed)

 Committee Structure

​6 Administrators
5 Faculty (one each from Counseling, Basic Skills, Transfer and CTE; at least one from Petaluma Campus)​
2 Classified
2 Students
1 representative from the Office of Institutional Research (OIR)
Membership Total: 16
4 ex-officio

 Committee Chair

Co-chairs: Dean, Student Success, Equity and Retention and Academic Senate President or designee

 Committee Roster Legend

Type​ ​Description
A Administration​
F​ Faculty
C Classified
S Student
OIR Office of Institutional Research
Ex Ex-Officio

 Committee Roster

​Name ​Type ​Name ​Type
Li Collier (co-chair) ​A* Melissa Peterson ​C
Lily Hunnemeder-Bergfelt (proxy) ​A* Marianne Schwarz-Kesling ​C
​Jana Cox ​A* ​S
Robert Holcomb ​A* ​S
Freyja Pereira ​A* ​KC Greaney ​OIR*
Matthew Long ​A* Margaret Grayson ​Ex
​Audrey Spall  ​F* Genevieve Bertone ​Ex
Canon Crawford ​F Jerry Miller ​Ex
Arthur Hsieh​ ​F ​Don Webb ​Ex*
AC Panella ​F Jeannie Dulberg (non-voting)
Carolos Valencia (co-chair) ​F
* Permanent Member by Position:
  • ​​Dean, Student Success, Equity and Retention (Co-chair)
  • President, Academic Senate or designee (Co-chair)
  • Dean, Student Conduct and Special Programs
  • Dean, Student Services, Petaluma Campus
  • Dean, Academic Affairs
  • Dean, Admissions, Records & Enrollment
  • Director, Student Financial Services or Director, EOPS
  • Representative from Office of Institutional Research
  • Academic administrator appointed by the Sr. VPAA (ex-officio)
  • Student Services administrators (2) appointed by the VPSS (ex-officio)
  • Information Technology representative appointed by the Director, IT (ex-officio)

 Committee Agendas

SSEC-BSI Joint Retreat Agenda 2.2.18.pdf
SSEC-BSI Joint Meeting Agenda 12.1.17.pdf
SSEC-BSI Joint Meeting Agenda 11.15.17.pdf
SSEC-BSI Joint Meeting Agenda 11.3.17.pdf
SSEC-BSI Joint Meeting Agenda 9.20.17.pdf
SSEC-BSI Joint Meeting Agenda 9.1.17.pdf
SSEC-BSI Agenda 5.17.17.pdf
SSEC Agenda 4.19.17.pdf
SSEC Agenda 4.5.17.pdf
SSEC Agenda 3-15-17.pdf
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 Committee Minutes

SSEC-BSI Joint Meeting Minutes 12.1.17.pdf
SSEC-BSI Joint Meeting Minutes 11.15.17.pdf
SSEC-BSI Joint Meeting Minutes 11.3.17.pdf
SSEC-BSI Joint Meeting Minutes 9-20-17.pdf
SSEC-BSI Joint Meeting Minutes 9.1.17.pdf
SSEC-BSI Joint Retreat Minutes 8.17.17.pdf
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 Other Committee Documents

020416_SE Intent to Propose DRAFT.docx020416_SE Intent to Propose DRAFT2/17/2016
IEPI Framework SRJC Historical Data-Goals.pdfIEPI Framework SRJC Historical Data-Goals4/19/2017
INDICATORS WORKSHOP - StacyFisher-  Slides 112816.pdfINDICATORS WORKSHOP - StacyFisher- Slides 1128162/1/2017
Integrated Plan 2017-19 Signatures Page.pdfIntegrated Plan 2017-19 Signatures Page12/1/2017
Overview - SSSP and SE Requirements.pdfOverview - SSSP and SE Requirements3/5/2014
SE Plan Template (final March 2014).docSE Plan Template (final March 2014)5/7/2014
SE Plan Template Aug 2015 Final.docSE Plan Template Aug 2015 Final9/2/2015
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