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Friends of Petaluma Campus Trust

A publicly available SharePoint site containing documents and information related to the SRJC Petaluma Campus

 Friends of Petaluma Campus Trust Meeting Materials



Friends Agenda 170810.pdf
8/10/2017Petaluma Friends Agenda
Friends Retreat Agenda 170720.pdf
7/20/2017Petaluma Friends Agenda
Friends Agenda 170518.pdf
5/18/2017Petaluma Friends Agenda
Friends Agenda 170420.pdf
4/20/2017Petaluma Friends Agenda
Friends Agenda 170316.pdf
3/16/2017Petaluma Friends Agenda
Friends Agenda 170209.pdf
2/9/2017Petaluma Friends Agenda
Friends Agenda 170119.pdf
1/19/2017Petaluma Friends Agenda
Friends Agenda 160915.pdf
9/15/2016Petaluma Friends Agenda
Friends Retreat Agenda 160721.pdf
7/21/2016Petaluma Friends Agenda
Friends Agenda 160616.pdf
6/16/2016Petaluma Friends Agenda
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Friends Minutes 170209.pdf
2/9/2017Petaluma Friends Minutes
Friends Minutes 170119.pdf
1/19/2017Petaluma Friends Minutes
Friends Minutes 161117.pdf
11/17/2016Petaluma Friends Minutes
Friends Minutes 160721.pdf
7/21/2016Petaluma Friends Minutes
Friends Minutes 160616.pdf
6/16/2016Petaluma Friends Minutes
Friends Minutes 160519.pdf
5/19/2016Petaluma Friends Minutes
Friends Minutes 160421.pdf
4/21/2016Petaluma Friends Minutes
Friends Minutes 160317.pdf
3/17/2016Petaluma Friends Minutes
Friends Minutes 160218.pdf
2/18/2016Petaluma Friends Minutes
Friends Minutes 160121.pdf
1/21/2016Petaluma Friends Minutes
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2013-14 FPCT Goals - FINAL Sharepoint.pdf
Petaluma Friends Other
FPCT Board Member Responsibilities.pdf
Petaluma Friends Other
FPCT Charter Rev. 09-2016.pdf
Petaluma Friends Other
FPCT Charter.pdf
Petaluma Friends Other
FPCT Fundraising Campaign Campus Needs.pdf
Petaluma Friends Other
FPCT Mission Statement.pdf
Petaluma Friends Other